A wide array of Activities

For our community

Economic Strengthening Service

For empowered women

Activities that contribute to the strengthening and development of women’s economic capacities:

  • Workshops on employability, leadership and women’s entrepreneurship;
  • Forum Talents and professions of the black community’s migrant women;
  • Women’s Economic Empowerment Program through entrepreneurship, agriculture and Livestock (Femmes VEE Agro);
  • Solidarity Credit Union — Savings and Access to Credit Fund (MUSO Femmes VEE);
  • Women Leadership Summit;
  • Fundraising and support for women’s entrepreneurship.
Social Support Service

For well-surrounded women

Accompanying activities that promote the spirit of mutual aid and offer an environment of listening and support:

  • Expansion of Femmes VEE’s Wellness Clubs (partnering newcomers and Canadians);
  • Assistance with newcomers’ settlement (advice, relocation support and referral to relevant resources);
  • Computer classes, book clubs, and cooking workshops, among others;
  • Advocacy and social solidarity campaign.
Service Support social

Pour des femmes bien entourées

Des activités d’accompagnement qui favorisent l’esprit d’entraide et qui offrent un environnement d’écoute et de soutien :

  • Expansion des Clubs bien-être Femmes VEE (jumelage entre nouvelles arrivantes et Canadiennes) ;
  • Aide à l’installation des nouvelles arrivantes (conseils, soutien pour déménagement et orientation vers les ressources pertinentes) ;
  • Cours d’informatique, club de lecture, atelier de cuisine, entre autres ;
  • Campagne de plaidoyer et de promotion de solidarité sociale.
Physical & Mental Health

For fulfilled women

Activities that allow women to take a moment exclusively for themselves, quality time to have fun, play and laugh:

  • Wellness day or coffee meeting;
  • Café rencontre is a time dedicated to well-being (face-to-face or online) with multicultural exchange and relaxation activities that ease integration;
  • Wellness meetings on Zoom, spaces for exchange and training — conferences, talks, debates — on women’s challenges (mental health, domestic violence, school dropouts, parental education, among others);
  • Wellness retreats focused on training or on women’s balance and relaxation;
  • Femmes Vee Listens (à l’écoute), which provides psychological and financial advice and support to our community’s women in need.
  • Seniors club – Programme Espace GRANDÈT
Our ROAD Goals…

To make a real difference!

Every action we take improves the lives of women in our community.

Regrouping …

women all over the world, fostering the spirit of mutual aid.

Organizing …

exchange, training, and entertainment activities.

Accompanying …

women in need and facilitating newcomers’ orientation.

Developing …

programs that contribute to improving women’s economic security.


Of Value

Our value isn’t defined by our appearance, the color of our skin, or even our performance, but it’s innate.



We’re unique, rare, tailor-made creatures that can change our lives and our environment.



We were born to shine and positively influence this generation through our leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Purpose

Our Community!

Femmes VEE’s community in brief…

  • Wellness Clubs in several countries are made up of women from different backgrounds;
  • Social solidarity, personal development and leadership in action;
  • Spaces for listening, mutual support and discussion without filtering or judging the real issues that affect women;
  • Opportunities for women to thrive in their different roles;
  • Increased access to community resources for special needs (medical, legal, entrepreneurial, etc.);
  • Virtual meetings highlighting the talent, knowledge and experiences of members who contribute to the personal development of their sisters;
  • Clubs of 25 that ensure the emergence of new leaders (each club is managed independently with five leaders designated by the members).
Since 2017…

We have a positive and tangible impact on women’s lives.

femme noire américaine triste Une femme noire qui semble heureuse